Create more sustainable world for all of us.


Do we communicate?

Everybody comes into this world from different environment. We are born at different places, we are educated in a different manner, we have different stuff, we think different. When someone tells you imagine a tree what he imagines and what you imagine are completely different things. In computers we do not have the same problem if we send you some file you receive the same exact file byte by byte. So as we think that we have good communication systems well we really do not.

Our languages are crude not specific they communicate information to a certain level of accuracy.

We do understand that people are different and they bring all their background into every conversation.

When we design tools for people we need to take this into consideration.

Why we talk about communication well because all is about communication if we really do understand each other we wouldn’t have war or other misunderstanding.

In our mission statement we use the word sustainable.

What do we mean by sustainable?

Sustainable means predictable. Predicting the outcome of an action means knowledge. Knowledge is hard to obtain but should be our highest goal as it gives us the so needed predictability.

So how are we going to have more sustainability?

By creating tools that are secure and that can ensure that the information is transferred received and understood as the author meant it to.