OKFS CryptoDrive

Keeps your data protected.


Encrypted Siftware Disk Drive with 3500MB/sec Read/Write operations.

How did we do it?

The approach we took is very different from the current status quo. Current disk drives rely on a very old ideology how data should be stored and managed dating back to 1980s.

As there were many attempts to create functional and working files system in a database most of the projects were abandoned.

OKFS CryptoDrive is the first high performance filesystem in database.

The benefits are huge:
- Lightning fast search.
- Truly parallel disk operations.
- It can manage huge loads in parallel disk operations like no other disk drive.

OKFS CryptoDrive is not just a disk drive it is a database with your data.


Access Control

With our deep integration into the operation system we give you the control which application can access which folder or file.

This is specially important when you want to protect yourself from all kind of malware and ransomware attacks. Even if your computer got infected with malicious software it will not touch your information because for it it doesn’t exist.

Hidden Folders give you even more protection and control who is seeing what. With it you can hide folders so if you do not enter a specific password to unlock the content it is not visible to anyone.



Do you need encrypted disk drive and how to take control of what is happening with your data?

Recent security breaches showed that your data is the real product of most of the biggest companies. We strongly feel that we need a complete new toolkit of applications which are security first design.

Your data is yours and should never be owned by some company or be sold to someone!

Our solution is high performance new type of secure disk drive. We reimagined how a disk drive should work in a security first environment.


Cloud vs Local storage

Cloud storage is hot topic but the facts are a little different then all the hype.

  • All computers have disk drives.
  • Most of the content is created locally first.

The cloud is good for slow backup/share storage solution. Data security is a topic that just now is picking up speed in our daily workflow as we understand that our data is used against us.


Data tracking and audit

What happens with your data what applications are reading your files while you are woking on your computer.

These are the questions that led us to creating a comprehensive solution in which you are able to control easily application permissions and access to your folders and files.


Feedback and participation

We are open and waiting for your feedback.

Your suggestions and feedback will be very important in our mission to create more secure global communication systems for all of us.

We do not believe … We know that you and your data should be protected at all times.

All of our products we release are started from security first viewpoint.