OKFS CryptoDrive Tech Specs

Keeps your data protected.



  • CPU: Intel Core i3 8100/AMD A8 9600
  • OS: 64Bit Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 8GB RAM
  • Hard Drive/SSD: 128GB


  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K/AMD CPU Threadripper 1900X
  • OS: 64Bit Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 32GB RAM
  • Hard Drive/SSD: 4TB
FIPS Complient

Full FIPS complient.

Deep Integration into the OS

The software is deeply integrated on a a kernel level so for the OS it will look like it is a normal hard drive.

Application Control

You can control which application has access to your files and folders. Trough the application UI or interactivly when an app wants to open folder or file.

Comprehensive Logs

The log system is buld in a such a way that you can filter the information you see on a specific foldeer or file.

AES 256 Encryption

The system support full AES 256 encryption so your data are fully encrypted at all times.

Hidden Folders

Hidden folders are protected by specific to the folder password and are not visible. When you enter the specific to this folder password it will show in the tree.

Unlimited Disk Size

The disk grows and shrinks with its files. It will take max up to the disk size which you choose to operate on. In version 1.2 we will introduce a method to span the drive on all disk available in the system.

Database Storage Engine

We use a databse with our custom enchencments as a storage engine.In that manner we can utilize the whole power of database as disk concept. The data at rest is always encrypted.

Performance mode

The system has a Performance and Max Security mode which imapact the way it works and especialiy the troughoutput of read/write operations.

In Performance mode the in memory cache is not encrypted.(We recomend this mode if you are sure thare are no viruses, rootkits or other malware on your machine)

In Max Security mode which is on by default all the memory cache is encrypted.